Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Slumber Party Mod by BrittPinkieSims

I've wanted an event just for kids for quite some time now, which is why I created the Slumber Party Custom Event Mod! This mod will allow your child Sims to throw a slumber party with their friends!
This gameplay mod includes:

The ability to throw a slumber party for children!
Custom whims for children to “throw a slumber party”
Children will show up in their sleepwear
Custom goals to complete during the slumber party
Custom goals for an adult (“grown-up”) to complete, too!
New buffs for hosting a slumber party
Custom Content rewards for hosting a slumber party: conversions from TS3 Generations (The Purr Purr Purr Stereo, Dreamer's Closet Costume Chest, The Baronet's Fiefdom TV and The Glass SlipperVision Television)
New rewards come with a ton of recolors and are locked until you complete the party!
The Costume Chest is interactive and will allow children to dress up in different costumes (depending on which DLC you have), and gives a special buff each time a child is dressed in a costume!

Hair N7 by S-Club

Bedroom Recolors by Oldbox

Bathroom Vanity by Simista

Patent Boots for Kids by KiaraRawks

Girly HIFI by JomSims

TS3 Satin Robe Conversion by EllieSimple

Sports Posters and Rugs by RebelCreators

Facial Hair by XLDSims

Alien Eye and Mouth Defaults by Menaceman44

Little Piece Hair Edit by DaisyXSims

Earrings by MissfortuneSims

Soft Flounce Skirt by Pixelunivairse

Casual Regency Dress by Historical Life Sims

Smock Top for Girls by JosieSimblr

14 Rindle Rose by CC4Sims

Dragon Age Tattoos: Unique NPCs Edition by SourWolfSims

Banded Skirt & Grace Sandals for Girls by KiaraRawks

Small House by Hafuhga

Starry Night Eyes by SulSul

Autumn Dream Poses by RethdisLove