Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bed Recolors by PurzelSims

Walls & Floors by Granny Zaza

Paintings by Arelenriel

Blessed & Cursed Custom Traits by bella3lek4

This mod adds 2 new custom traits to Your game without replacing any game's traits
You can find the "Blessed" & "Cursed" traits in the lifestyle section in CAS
These traits have occasional buffs that will last for 4 hours

Boho Chic House by Tanitas8

Colorful Bikinis for Teen - Elder Females by Hottoshita

Furniture Recolors by SaudadeSims

Now Available

Bracelet with Round Jewels by Severinka

Halter Swimsuit in 12 Colors & Patterns for Teen - Elder Females by Yuichen

Grater Kitchen Gadgets by Tinkeringtinkle

Nose Blush by Dachs

Plasticbox Notebook Recolors by Nana

Formal Clothing and Swimwear for Females by Simomatic

Antique Tile Floors by Saratella