Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feel That Fabric Sofa Set by Peacemaker ic

Chokers by JomSims

Denim Skirts by Rusty Nail

Drink, Drank, Drunk Mod - 3 Flavors by Candyd

In the Sims 4, sims are as innocent as kids. They drink juice at the bar. With most drinks, nothing happens.
Nothing. Boring.
Unless if you install this mod.

How do sims behave by default ?

Most bar drinks don't provide any special moodlet. They act like plain H2O molecules on your sims' neurons (if ever those pixel creatures have neurons).
Move along, there is nothing to see here.

What does this mod change to the sims' behavior ?

This mod exploits the "over-medicated" moodlet that's part of the sickness system in the Get to Work expansion pack. All bar drinks other than emotional drinks, motive drinks, water and tea will now give your sims a powerful dazed moodlet. Notice however that this moodlet isn't cumulative, and won't change or have different consequences whatever the number of drinks.

In addition to this, the over-medicated moodlet itself has been modded to give your sims a more realistic experience. It's now more powerful, as its weight has been pushed from 1 to 4, so positive moodlets can't override the dazed moodlet easily.

3 flavors have been made to let you choose how long you want your sims to be affected by their drink. The 3 hours flavor doesn't change anything to the original over-medicated moodlet duration, but might be a bit short for realistic gameplay ; in any case, your sim can take a nap and get rid of the dazed moodlet sooner this way. The 6 hours flavor can also be shortened by taking one nap. The 12 hours flavor is more "severe", as if you wish to shorten the moodlet duration, your sims will need to take two naps.

Be aware that all these changes will also be applied to the over-medicated moodlet that sims experience after taking prescription drugs.

Table Setting by Ani

Ultracore Rugs by Saratella

The Vindicator Hair for Males by XLDSims

Living Room Decor, TV, Functional XBOX One S and More by MXIMS

Resident Evil Outfits by Cepzid

Portraits by Lovelydia101

TS3 Gypsy Bedroom Set Conversion by Annett

Toy Box Lamp Set by DOT

Paradox Hair Retexture by AvelineSims

Decorative Corpses by Necrodog

Supernatural Demon and Reaper Trap Rugs by LoliSims

Northern Star Hair Retexture by AveiraSims

Valentine Postcards and Envelopes by TrutjeSims

Checkerboard Slip Ons by ServoBride

Nathan Lights Set by Daer0n

Vintage Glamour Hair Recolors by MagicalGirlSimmer