Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Diesel Denim Jeans Conversions for Males by NyGirl

Simmers Street - Bar, Nightclub, Museum, Library and Gym Fitness In One by Moni

Leather Jacket for Males by Theyoungenzo

Butterflysims Hair Conversion for Females by Puccamichi

Paintings by Letichespixels

Interior Castle Walls by Christine

The Sims 4 Mod Workshop: Version 2 by Zerbu


Previously, I brought you The Sims 4 Mod Workshop. Today, I bring you a new uber enhanced version of it.

While testing the program, I tried to clone an entire aspiration and all its goals and text strings in just one run of the cloner tool. It worked successfully!

» Changes

A whole, brand new design and interface.
Instead of plain, ordinary list boxes, results lists are now stored in sortable tables.
You can now choose to have results show in-game (STBL) text.
You can now clone multiple levels deep for any resource type, not just traits, buffs and emotions. The Sims 4 Mod Workshop will automatically scan for references to other resources in the XML code. References in the other cloned files will automatically update same as always, but now the tool can replace references in DATA files as well.
You can select multiple resources to clone at once. Please be warned though that this is performance intensive.
You can now clone, replace and change STBL (text) strings. No more using external programs to add text strings to your mod!

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Natural Hair Recolors for Females Merged Into One File by BustedPixels

Tiny Tank Tops for Females by DaniParadise

Newsea Aphrodite Conversion by Kalilies

Thanks Violablu

Wallpaper and Floors at Black Pearl Sims

Thanks Sssvitlans

Caudalie Kitchen n Dining by Simkea

Santa Hat for Males & Females by David Sims

David Sims Guy and Lumialover Sims Taylor Hair Retexture by Liahxsimblr

TheNumbersWoman's Needful Things Car Props

Peony Place by Lacey

Dresses by Missfortunesims

Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile 02 by plasticbox