Saturday, July 2, 2016

Japanese Izakaya & Clutter by Kimu412

Draws Double Bed Frame by BlogSimpleSimmer

Classic Top Knot Hair by Femmeonamissionsims

Hanging Garden by OmorfiMera

Puppet Theater & Puppets as Playable Dolls and Decorative Cash Registers by Sandy

Star Coffee Set by Helen

Garden Greenhouse by SimLifeCC

K Elegant Plants - 4x3 sets by Blackgryffin

Eyebrows for Males and Females by Tifa

TS2 Antique TV, Radios, (Functional) Music Decor and More by Miguel

iPhone 5S in The Sims 4 (legit) by adelin4504

Simple Door Recolors by ControversialDuck

Summerton Manor - No CC by Peacemaker ic