Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TS3 Sims Generations Stereo Conversion by Simsza

Ragoon Zen Bathroom by JomSims

TS3 MochaSims Curly Puffs Hair Conversion for Girls by EbonixSimblr

The Witcher 2 Elven Sculpture by Noiranddarksims

Easter Clothing Collection for Boys and Girls by KiaraRawks

ButterflySims 105 Retexture by Dachs

Yogi Trait by Empressofinfiniteforests

- 15% increase in the learning rate of the Wellness skill
- Default emotion: Focused
-10% decrease in energy decay
-Can be under the “Lifestyle” category

Blankets and Pillows by EnureSims

Lil’ Green Zombie Bedroom Set by JosieSimblr

Eyebrows for Females by S-Club

Clothing for Females by Margie

Shadow Earrings by Toskami

Little Blue House by Emma

Animals Wall Designs by Bildlichgesehen

SkySims 284 Hair for Females

Clothing for Females by ChristmasFear

LeahLillith Melanie Hair Retexture by KalewaA

Hair 17 Recolors by Bobieplum

Patterned Shirts for Males by XDeadGirlWalking