Sunday, April 9, 2017

Darkroom and Photography Lab Clutter by Sandy

Aurora Hair V1 by WildPixel

Montanna Bedroom Set by Lulu265

TS2 Laundry Days Laundry Room Conversions by Chicklet

Waitstaff and Cook Outfit Recolors by Helaene

Beach Themed Swim Trunks for Boys by KiaraRawks

Functional Book Display - Sims 2 conversion by AlexCroft

Floral Print Bodysuit by Trillyke

Canadian English Name Mod by TechnicolourSims

This mod removes all the names in the game and replaces them with Canadian English names. There are 137 female names, 186 male names, and 93 surnames. There are no Canadian French names as of yet, but there’s already a french name mod so I’m not really worried about that.

Maybe I will update to add more names in the future, if there is interest in me doing that. Make sure to let me know if you want me to do that though (all too often I post something and get absolutely no feedback).

Hobgoblin Dress by Waekey

Richiee Hair by AHarris00Britney

Perfect Fringe Hair by Frosquark

Necklace by S-Club

World Wonders - City Skyline Replacements by Bakie

Wings Hair Recolors by SilentNight

Hair for Females by Wings

Jeans by RachirdSims

Sims 3 inspired lifespans for the Sims 4 - 6 flavors by Candyd

These mods will allow you to play the Sims 4 with custom lifespans that are similar to lifespans in the Sims 3.

How does the game behave by default ?

The default lifespan in the Sims 4 is as follows :
- baby : 2 days
- toddler : 7 days
- child : 13 days
- teen : 13 days
- young adult : 20 days
- adult : 20 days
- elder : 10 days
This lifespan has fast and slow settings, which allow in aging settings to divide lifespan by 2 or to multiply it by 4.
In addition, the active trait benefits from a 10% longer lifespan, and the long lived trait benefits from a 25% longer lifespan.

Insta Kill Mod by Like Clockwork

Kill a sim with just a click of a mouse! Simply shift click on the sim you want to kill (with testingcheats on) and choose your death type, then watch them perish.

This mod features a new pie menu category "Kill..." which is found by shift clicking on a sim while testingcheats is on. Within this category, you will find all base game death types to choose from, as well as the new deaths introduced in the Spa Day and Vampires game packs (if you have those installed). Choosing death by cowplant will look a bit glitchy since there's no cowplant performing the action, but for the most part still works.

 This mod should not directly conflict with any other mod as no resources are overwritten

Bed Recolors by NoSims

Fashion Prints by PandoraSimblr

Tank Dress Recolors by StandardHeld

Small House - No CC by Via Sims

Mrs. Robinson and Cinema Hair by Birksches

Toddler Slip On Shoes Recolored by DeelitefulSimmer