Friday, February 17, 2017

Pecan Bedroom Set for Toddlers by Dean

La Friperie Second Hand Clothing Store Set by Sandy

Ibarium Bathroom Set by JomSims

Round Table Dining Set by 13Pumpkin31

Industrial Chains Beams Set by Bildlichgesehen

Born To Die Hair by SimplifiedSimi

Updated Baby Shower Mod (V 2.0) by BrittPinkieSims

I threw a Baby Shower in my own save game last night and realized the mod needed a few updates!  I’ve made a few changes to the mod (details below), so if you’d like the new version, delete the old one and download from the link below.  My game is patched to version so yours will need to be too if you want to use the new version of the mod :)  The mod is still base game compatible!

New features:

Added new rewards for getting bronze, silver and gold parties!  New items include decorative items and furniture that came with the Toddler patch.
Gold rewards include the bassinet, as well as the toddler “bear” chair and a bookcase, and several decorative items :)

Changed the tasks that require other controlled Sims (things like “Ask Due Date” and “Compliment Pregnant Sim”) to only be completed once.
Made the main goal “Touch pregnant Sim’s belly” worth more points, so if you can’t complete minor goals for some reason, you still have a chance of getting Gold.
Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug that wasn’t counting the “take pictures” interaction correctly.  You can now clear that goal using the phone, camera, photo studio, or the base game Friendly interaction “Take Picture Together.”
Fixed a bug that could cause a last exception file after viewing the greeting cards or presents.

The mod is currently available in these languages: German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, French, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Polish.  I still need translations for a few languages, so if you’d like to translate, contact me through Wix and let me know!
The translations do not reflect some of the new changes I’ve made, but it’s nothing major.

IKEA Office Set Recolors by LinaCherie