Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baggy Jeans for Teen - Elder Males by Ooobsooo

Kiara24 Long Braids Hair for Girls

Head In The Clouds Fornasetti Cloud Wallpaper in 13 Colors by Baufive

Cocktail Dress in 13 Colors by BEO

Jaw King & 5 O'Clock Penumbra Stubble for Males by LumiaLover Sims

LexiconLuthor The Jennifer Bun for Females

Single-Tile “Intellect” Bookcases by Plasticbox

TS2 & TS3 Conversions by Rachel

3 Ceiling/Wall Decorations Converted from TS3 (original by LunaSims)
Xi Sofa converted from TS2 (original by the wonderful ohbehave007)
Lucia Sidetable from TS2 (original by the lovely simsbox)
TS3 Outdoor Living Stuff Barstool (original mesh by EA)
Chandelier & Mirror from TS2 (originals by SimsInParis)
Floor Lamp from TS2 (I found this mesh so long ago and I absolutely cannot remember to save my life who the original creator is so if anyone knows please let me know!)
Leaning Ladder from TS2 (original by Huge Lunatic)
A TS3 Island Paradise Column that I forgot to take pictures of (Original by EA)
A cute little set of hanging cups from TS2 (Originals by Pocci)

DOT's Flower Power Lamp Set

Birksches Gillian and Smooth Curls for Males

Cracked Brick Wall Stickers by Budgie2budgie

Custom CAS Trait: Narcoleptic by DrewShivers

Most sims worry about having a good night’s rest in order to stay awake the following morning, but what if sleep followed you day and night? Sporting an erratic sleep pattern and a lack of awareness, narcoleptic sims battle the need to sleep everyday whereas some just give into the fight and decide to take a snooze on that plush, comfortable couch.

Due to these sims having trouble staying focused, they do not excel at mental skills as fast as other sims, but their socialization talent is rather impressive. You would think that because these sims are often napping or knocked out cold, that their relationships would wither away. Don’t worry about all of that. Your friends understand your condition and will most likely allow you to even nap at their place!

Narcoleptic Sims:

Sleep need decays quickly/abruptly but not overwhelmingly
Social need decays slower
Mental skills increase at a slower rate
Socialization skills and relationships increase faster
Relationships decay slower
Have chance to become dazed
Trouble becoming energized
Trouble becoming focused
Whims include those of a lazy sim, dazed, sleep need and common socialization instances

Belt and Chain Denim Shorts and TS2 Tribal Dress Conversion & More by NyGirl

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AweSims Small Spaces End Table Conversion by Simsza