Thursday, September 17, 2015

Default & Non Default Eyes 01 for Males & Females by AlfSi

Accessory Denim Jacket in 10 Colors for Females by SimBlob

Sim Man123's Glade Kitchen

Kitchen Clutter Recolors by Viikiita

VitaSims Barocchina Decor by Ladesire

Living Room Recolors and Floors by Ilona

2 - 3

Triple Earrings for Males & Females by Mr S

Keira Eyebrows by Ms Blue

Cozy Shirt for Females in 4 Color Options by Maimouth

Small Mods by Zerbu

On this page, I list small mods that won’t make a massive impact on gameplay, but still might be useful to some people.

No Eloping - Disables the “Elope Immediately with <Sim>” interaction, requiring Sims to have a proper wedding.

Wellness Skill Level 10 Required for Teleport - Requires you to reach Wellness skill level 10 before you can teleport on the field. You can still teleport while in the middle of meditating - I kept it that way on purpose.

GTW French Braid Bun Hair Converted for Girls by XDeadGirlWalking

Sporty Carpets by WaterWoman

Flare Turtleneck Sweater by Marigold

TheNumbersWoman's Shabby Chic True Shabby Bakery

Alesso Hero Retexture by KalewaA

Clothing Recolors for Females by Grrlnglasses