Sunday, February 21, 2016

Milk & Coffee House by Jean Bell

Natural Lips for Kids by KiaraRawks

TS2 Rosewood Dining Set Conversion by Anidup1

Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain by CinderelliMouse

Freegans and homeless Sims rejoice! There’s a new way to get clean… by putting bubbles in the public fountain and having a bath in the middle of town! It’s fun too! Best keep your clothes on though: you can clean them at the same time! \o/

Sims won't get clean from playing in the fountain unless they add bubbles first. The hygiene increase is set fairly low so as not to be too over-powered (it's still a public fountain guys, how clean do you think it is?) and it may take a few splashes if you want to get your sim extra sparkly!

Kitchen Clutter by CoralittSims

Medium Soft Wavy Hair for Females by Kiara24

Eyes 03 by AlfSi

Queen Selene, Princess Jupiter and More Dresses, Hair and Accessories by SilverMoon

Anto Aftershock Hair for Females

Medea Hair for Females by LucasSims

Rusty Long Wavy Parted V3 Hair in Niksim Colors by GayPixelPeople

Wallpaper and Floors by Blackgryffin

Royalty Masquerade by LuxySims

Sign of the Witch Dress and Vintage Gala Dress by Ameranthe

Lips by Tifa

Dress 56 by Irida Sims

Low Double Buns Hair for Girls by SimLaughLove

Pritchel Coat Rack in 24 Recolors by Allisas