Sunday, October 18, 2015

Groovin' Garden Set Part Four by LoveratSims4

IKEA NORNÄS Sideboard, Bookcase, End Table and Bureau in 40 Colors by llenies

Legrand - Male Realistic Skin by FashionRoyaltySims

Camera Clutter & Wall Art Set by DreamTeamSims

NynaeveDesign's Sonic Dining Room - TSR

Less Piratey Boots - EA's Pirate Boots De-Cuffed in 11 Colors by Pickypikachu

Larger Household Mod by HarmonySimblr


Increase your Sims household up to 20.

Enable testing cheats and then shift+click on the Sim you want to add to your current household. You can also adopt Sims into the household and go over the limit.

Your larger household can try for babies through woohoo or genetic transfusions up to the 20 Sims limit.


You cannot use manage household once you go over 8 Sims.
You cannot add to the Sims from CAS or from Manage World.
You cannot take more than the original 8 Sims into CAS.
When traveling as a group, first ensure that all Sims are doing nothing and then send one Sim. Once at the location, click on the others and select “bring here”.

Flowering Glade Kid's Bedroom Set by AdeLanaSP - MTS

Mickey Mouse Sweaters for Boys & Girls by Rusty Nail

Billabong Swimwear for Males by David Veiga - TheSims4ID

Vintage Nightgown by LollaLeeloo

Lavinia Hair - Frankenmesh by MoonSplatter

Sweet Dream PJ Set for Females by Mysimlifefou

Pillar Candles & Summoning Circles by Ameranthe