Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Sims 4: Prom Mod Custom Event! by BrittPinkieSims

It’s finally ready!  I’m proud to present The Sims 4: Prom Mod!  Take your Sims to prom, throw the party of a lifetime and win the title or Prom King or Queen! <3

This game play mod includes:

  • The ability to throw and attend a prom event for teens!
  • Invite up to 40 teens (and any teens in your household!)- any teen in the town can be invited, not just the ones you know!
  • New party role: “Chaperone”
  • Custom goals to complete during the prom
  • Custom rewards for bronze, silver and gold parties (new objects created by me and a conversion of the Prom Crown from TS3 Generations!)
  • Prom rewards are interactive objects, which only Sims who attended prom can obtain buffs from!
  • Tons of new buffs/moodlets for attending prom!  Sims with certain traits will have different reactions to attending prom, so everyone can have a unique experience!
  • New buffs for bronze, silver and gold parties
  • Even Chaperones will have custom buffs/moodlets from their prom experience!
  • A custom whim for teens to “go to prom”
  • Proms can be thrown on Generic Lots, so random adults/un-invited Sims won’t show up.  DJs (if you have Get Together) and Bartenders will already be there when your Sims arrive!
  • A Prom venue, made by me, which you can place in your game!  Comes with everything you need to have an amazing prom; food, drinks, stereos, dance floor, DJ booth, bar, tables, chairs, and photo studio (you need to have Luxury Party Stuff, Get Together, and Get To Work for most items to show up!)
  • …or, build your own prom venue (or turn any lot in your town to Generic) to throw your prom!

Skyrim Alchemy Set by Mara45123

Plants by Simcredible Designs

GTW Window Addons by Peacemaker ic

The Endeavor Hair for Males by XLDSims

Claudette Bed by MXIMS

Kashmir Hair by Anto

Dreads by Side Hair by Birksches

Accessories by NataliS

This and more

Barbie Hair Retexture by JS Sims 4

Double Mattress Recolors by LinaCherie

Black Girl Curls Hair Clayified in 18 Colors by YorkLegacy

Umbrella in 26 Recolors by Patronusxcharms

Muzultan Dining Set by JomSims