Friday, March 11, 2016

Monterra Ln House by Simplexes

Altuzarra Spring 2016 for Teen - Elder Females by Judie

Whole Casual Page 8

Reclaimed Wood Living Collection by Dean

GT Wall Deco Height Overrides by Plasticbox

TS2 Grunge Laundry Set Conversion by Mimoto

TS3 Living Chair, Wall Decor and Shelf Conversion by JosieSimblr

Low ManBun Hair by Peacemaker ic

Decorative Backpacks by Sandy

S4PE 0.4.4-beta

Some updates since 0.4.3 by Buzzler, CmarNYC, pbox:

STBL: byte count corrected for non-ASCII strings and when adding strings with Copy (not Add), or Delete

SIMO updated for EP02 (v16)

More meaningful error message (including package name) when a package import fails
Inline Help added (Help > Contents)

Medieval Wallpaper by Granny Zaza

MJ95's Madlen Rimezis Shoes

TS2 Decorative Food Conversions by Mimoto

2 - 3 - 4

Rose Crown by Lilit666

Norwood Hair Converted for Girls by EbonixSimblr

Lumix Camera by Inabadromance

Valentine Gift Hair for Girls by Kiara24

Belted Skinny Flares in 11 Colors for Females by Annabellee25

TS2 & TS3 Store Stereo, Buddha and BearlyButts Chair Conversions by BigUglyHag

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