Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

Art Deco Dinnerware by LoveratSims4

Persephone Hair by Stealthic

Bella Wrap Dress by Sentate

Holiday Hair Retexture Dump 2 by BlahberryPancake

Wall Light Waterfall by Bakie

Foxtrot Living Room Set by 13Pumpkin

IKEA Hemnes Secretary & Feodor Chair by Sandy

Mattress and Bed Frame Recolors by Oldbox

Gender-Neutral Presets + Child Presets for Adult Sims by Zerbu

This mod makes all CAS presets available for both genders, as well as making Child presets available for Adult Sims.

It doesn’t appear that presets that wouldn’t normally be available will appear if you use “Randomize”, but I could be missing something.
Some presets will look glitchy when used on the gender they weren’t intended for, it’s best just to avoid those,
The mod doesn’t unlock adult presets for Child Sims, because they usually end up looking weird. However, if you’re like most players, you’ll probably create Child Sims using genetics anyway.

TS2 Vampire Outfits and Necklace Conversions by Mathcope

Ribbon Shirt by Waekey

Aaliyah Hair by Ade Darma

Nike Sweater and Flower Buns Recolors by DaniParadise

TSM Conversions by ZxTa

Layerable Hoop Earrings by Nightcrawler

Alice Hair Clayified by SlytherSim

Elsa Living Room Set by Xyra33

Holiday Pajamas For All by KiaraRawks

CL Minimalist Style Chair Recolors by EgosAndLies

Christina Hair by Cenndi

Toys and Wood Furniture Recolors by Leniad's Cupboard

TS3 Remi Hair Conversion by Ebonix