Monday, June 20, 2016

Goldy's Griddle - No CC by Jenba

Ebonix & Blvck-Life-Simz Ultimate Cookout Kit

Peasant Wedding Dress by Pickypikachu

Clothing for Females by Marigold

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The Drive-In Set by Tinkle

EA Buyable & Edible Food/Drinks - Dine Out Food + Bonus Group Serving Decor by TreeLifeCreations

I present to you all the food items from Dine Out Game Pack!!

It makes stocking up a store, cafe & “restaurant” a few second job.

**Please note the individual serves are NOT decor items (sims will eat them autonomously mid photo shoot)! The group serves are decor object and are just for aesthetics.


- Total of 36 item of food and drink objects.

- The edible food can all be found under Appliances -> Small Appliances (microwaves). The decorative group serves can be found under Decorations -> Clutter

- Once placed in world these act like normal ingame food made by sims, they can eaten, put away, sold, etc.

TS2 Random Kativip Conversions - Over 40 Objects by YourDorkBrains

TS3 Calendar Set Conversion by NewOne

Host Station Recolors by SrslySims

Mickan Denim Set by Simsrocuted

Sunny Morning Pizzeria by Frau Engel

Skinny Jeans by CrazyCupcakefr

173 Hair Retexture for Females by Margie

TS2 Cauldron of Fire Conversion by BigUglyHag

Urban Chic Bunk Beds by pqSim4

Dappled Delights Restaurant by WSims