Friday, October 17, 2014

Wallpaper by Hanagatami

Kenzo Fall 2014 for Adult & Elder Females by Judie

Floral and Solid Rompers by Sim4ny

sim_man123's Pumpkin Patch

Ivy On Brick Walls by RuriSims

Eyeshadow by Sims4Ti

Wood Walls by Simsrocuted

S-Club LL thesims4 Lipstick Glossy 03

Wallpaper by Inabadromance

Meadow Lark by Tiki

Dark Wood Walls by MsftJae

Sintiklia - Female and male tears

Old Wood Walls by Moni

Disable Autonomous Mourning by Snaitf

Disable Autonomous Mourning

This mod disables autonomous mourning at graves and urns.
However, sims can still mourn if directed to do so by the player.

Brick Walls by Sailfindragon