Monday, September 15, 2014

Decorative Vehicles Cheat - Cars, Trains, Planes, etc! by TwistedMexi

This mod adds the following sets which can be called via the cheat console:

cars, sportscars, trucks, vans, trains, planes, and boats.

These sets will be placed in your household inventory when possible. On community and vacant lots, they will be spawned near the center of the lot as the household inventory is unavailable.

Side Ponytails (EA's Mesh Modified) by David Sims

Contacts for Males by David Veiga

Dress with Embroidered Transparent Top by BEO

Default Replacement Eyes by Gensys

Super Long Hair with Bangs (EA's Modified Mesh) by David Sims

Gone With The Wind's Tara by Rose

American Flag Tops by Macavaty

Children's Thick Round Glasses for All by Tamo

Cargo Jeans for Males by FifthAce2007

Backwards Baseball Caps for Females by Sqquaresims

Teen Careers for All Ages by plasticbox

Accessory Jeans for Females by Mtndewduhh

Chevron and Checkered Shirts for Females by Mustluvcatz

Nicole Miller Dresses by Altus Sims

EA Hair with Longer Ponytail by Alexandrasimblr

Lazy Oaf T Shirt Set #2 by Sims4Sweatshop

Strawberry Fields Lipstick by Vampire_aninyosaloh