Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hyper Trait by Zerbu

I bring you a new trait for you to enjoy in The Sims 4: the Hyper trait.

This trait has a new effect that no base game trait has: it resets the default emotion from Fine to Energized. This means that Sims will be Energized when they have no buffs, instead of Fine.

The Hyper trait has the following effects…
Sims will default to the Energized emotion.
Sims will take longer to become tired.
Sims will become Angry when their Fun need is low.
Sims will spawn whims from a merged set cloned from the Active and Goofball traits.

Love Story Dress with 27 Presets for Teen - Elder Females by Anubis360

JSBoutique Hair 4 for Females

Basic Carpeting - 12 Pack by Snaitf

I Still Like Short Shorts - TS4 bottoms for Men by Peacemaker ic

Rolled Cardigan Recolors by Simsrocuted

Waikiki Vintage Clothes (Cap - Cargo Shorts - Tank) by Tipalouf

Two Houses by Tiki

Plaid Dress and Camouflage Skirt by RuriSims

1 - 2

Basic Dress by Rusty Nail

Sophie Necklace and Earrings by Severinka

TS2/TS3 to TS4 - Holy Simoly’s Concrete Walls by Boolpropping

The Sims 4 Mod: Stupid Trait by Zerbu

The Stupid trait has the following effects…

Sims will gain all skills at half the speed.
Sims are more likely to fail at any interaction. The definition of “fail” depends on the interaction, but it basically means they’re more likely to have a negative outcome.

Dexter Hut by Amy

Sunset Eyes by Sevenhills

ShojoAngel's LipsSet3

No Autonomous Rude/Flirty/Enchanting Introductions by egureh

Beautiful Death Tattoos for Females by Gwen

Updated - Serious Trait by Zerbu

This is a reupload. I found out that the old version of the mod was severely bugged and caused the game to break after a Sim aged up, so I deleted it in an emergency as it was not safe to use. After spending hours hunting down the problem, I managed to fix it. If you have the old version, please remove it immediately and replace it with the new one. I wouldn't normally take the entire mod down if I discovered a bug, but this one was severe and game-breaking, and I thought I wouldn't be able to fix it at all.

I bring you a new trait for The Sims 4, the Serious trait.

The Serious trait has the following effects…
Sims will not suffer from low Fun until they drop into the extreme levels, and even then, they only get a +2 Bored moodlet.
Sims will gain all mental skills slightly faster.
Sims will gain most social skills (as most related to jokes and pranks) slower, with the exception of Charisma, which they will gain slightly faster.
Sims will get an Energized moodlet from a day at work that would be boring to other Sims.
Playful emotional auras will emit a Bored moodlet instead.

The Riverside by HarleyQuinn

Sintiklia - Eyebrows 1