Sunday, March 29, 2015

Future Shock Living Conversion by BrialImmortelle

Chair, Sideboard, Clutter and Wallpaper Set by Granny Zaza

Sims 4 OMSPs by Kitkat

Dining Edits and Recolors by Rusty Nail

Eyes by S-Club

Good News for CAS!

EA has answered regarding the CAS categorization issue and has said they will fix the problem on their end.

This means that CAS creators will not have to update pre-patch content in order to have it sort appropriately into categories in the game.

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Thanks Sims 4 Studio

Updated for 3/26 Patch - Replacement Hair Retexture/Recolors by Vicarious Living

Clothes Line by Mr S

The Other Side - New Skin Colors by Peacemaker ic

TS3 University Life Tables by Veranka

Updated for 3/26 Patch - Hipster Hugger Recolors by LemonJelly

JustKeepSimming 3/26 Update Hair Edit for Females

Starbucks Set Part 2 by SerialSimmer