Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Monocles by Kijiko

TSM 18 Stone Wall Murals Converted by Historical Sims Life

These and more

City Living Curtains Recolored by BlindingEchoes

Replacement Astrolabe Mirror by OM

Anika's Dress, Hat and Tights by KiaraRawks

TSM Ornate Dining Set Conversion by ZxTa

Updated Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul by GrayCurse

UPDATED for 12/6/16 Vintage Glamour!

- Works with latest patch/SP
- New ingredient: TOFU!
- Added ingredients to all City Living recipes. (Please report if there are any ingredient issues! I wasn’t able to test all recipes)

Rise and Shine Earrings by WistfulPoltergeist

Autumn Mornings Stockings by WeepingSimmer

Vintage Poofy Hat and City Living Jacket Recolors by BLewis

- 2 -

Punch Bowl and Glass by Sandy

J077 Hair Retexture by JS Sims 4

Paintings by Patronusxcharms

T-Shirts and Shorts by Re Maron