Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gaming Set by BrittPinkieSims

This set includes:

Functional Consoles (City Living EP Required- does not override original consoles):

GameCube- 6 swatches
N64- 2 swatches
NES- 2 swatches
SNES- 2 swatches
Wii- 2 swatches
Controller Overrides (City Living Required- only choose 1- ONE- override file at a time):


All controllers and consoles are by Black Garden and were converted from The Sims 2 and made functional by me.  They are also available in decorative form.  The deco versions are base game compatible :)

Decorative Pieces:

Decorative Game Boy DS- 3 swatches (mesh from
Decorative Game Boy Classic- 2 swatches (mesh from
Decorative Game Boy Advance- 7 swatches (mesh from
Video Game Case Clutter- 7 swatches (mesh by Black Garden; available either lying down or standing- the flat/lying down meshes can be stacked on one another)
Framed Game Posters- 19 swatches (mesh by @black-le​)
Rectangle Gaming Canvas- 3 swatches
Gaming Rugs- 13 swatches
“Scattered” Gaming Canvas- 3 swatches
Square Gaming Canvas- 5 swatches

10 child shirts (unisex)
11 male shirts (for teens, young adults, adults and elders)
10 female shirts (also TYAAE)


Dylan Sofa and Armchair Bed by WMS

Mexican Pack Stuff by Noir And Dark Sims

Tucked In Shirts by Ooobsooo

TS2 Simple Desk, Study, Dining Set, Floors and More by Allisas

2 - 3

Versailles Dinnerware Decor by JomSims

Cocktail Hair by Birksches

Hair Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

Slab Dining Table by Sympxls

Happy New Year Decor Set by LunaticaVillage

Updated Pixie Hair and Rosie Hair by SpectralCat

- 2 -

Mosaic Wall Art by XelennSimblr

Simlish Graphic Sweaters for Boys by KiaraRawks