Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wooden Pallets Bed by Alachie & Brick Sims

Shaved Bob Hair for Females by Birksches

Scientist Career Reimagined by coolspear1

These "Scientist Career Reimagined" mods are also part of a bigger set that includes two lots, specially remade and enhanced to bring out the best of these mods.
FutureSim Labs Reimagined found here - http://www.modthesims.info/download...573947&posted=1
Sixam Reimagined found here - (Being prepared for upload.)

Science should not be a repetitive, grinding chore. It should be a joy. Being the boss should not be a repetitive, grinding slog, it should be a delight. Getting to Work should not be a repetitive, grinding headache, it should be a fantastical daily Sci-Fi adventure. Your job, your way. And here's how...

Thorsdottir Viking Inspired House by ValhallanSim

Rubik's Cube CC for TS4 by farwayy

T-Shirts, Jeans and Boots for Males by Marigold

2 - 3

Bedroom Set by MXIMS

Newsea Arterton Hair Retexture by AveiraSims

Yankee Candles by Darkiinmyheart

TS3 India Conversions by Kyta1702

IKEA Mala Paint by PaffinaSims

Rugs and Paintings by Mabra

Small Plants in 6 Recolors by EronoelBlog

Modern House - No CC by ViaSims

Floral Crochet Dress by MerakiSims

Season Backdrops by JosieSimblr

Dsquared Embroidered Boots by MrAntonieddu

Tetris Bedroom Set by Xyra33

Emily Winfield Art by SourWolfSims