Friday, February 24, 2017

Romantic Candle Fireplace by KiwiSims4

Floral Printed Swimsuit by Rusty Nail

Johnnie B Sandals for Toddlers and Kids, Adidas Slippers and Jeans by KiaraRawks

Hototogisu Hair for Males and Females by Kijiko

Improved Fast Food Career by AOM

Improved Fast Food Career for Adults (not an override) + a small improvement to the Teen Fast Food Career (override)

We wanted to create a legitimate daytime paid occupation for Sims who don't necessarily want a high-powered career and who can't or won't work long hours. It's perfect for single parents who need to be home for their kids after school and Sims who want to focus on something other than a career. For Sims who decide they would like a bit more involvement with their work, two additional full-time levels are available. Those pay more to reflect the benefits that come with full-time employment. Teens will still have the career option as EA designed it. However, when they age up, they will have the option to keep their job title if they select the adult version of the career.

What this mod will do

Adult Sims

Can select the Fast Food career track as they would any other.
Work during daytime hours Mon-Fri.
Hours grow gradually longer as they advance through the levels.
Get paid a bit more per hour for their work than the teen track pays (enough to just support a small family on their own).
Can be promoted to two levels after the original three the teen career has, each has a different uniform and requirements (see below).
Will not be rewarded for going to work in a flirty, silly, or hysterical mood.

Adult Fast Food Career: titles, pay, hours, bonuses, and promotion requirements

Level 1: Table Cleaner, $18/hr, 9am-1pm (5 hours).
Level 2: Fry Cook, $20/hr, 8am-1pm (6 hours), $325, same as the teen career.
Level 3: Food Service Cashier, $22/hr, 8am-2pm (7 hours), $375, charisma (level 2) and logic (level 2).
Level 4: Shift Supervisor, $35, 8am-3pm (8 hours), $425, charisma (level 5), logic (level 6), cooking (level 7).
Level 5: Fast Food Joint Manager, $50, 9am-4pm (8 hours), $800 + a small amount of additional paid time off.

Pulpo Garden Living Set by JomSims

Updates on Mods and CC! by BrittPinkieSims

Hi guys!  I had some time today so I went through and updated some mods/CC for tuning changes that have occurred since the Toddlers patch.  A few lines of code changed in the tuning for decorative objects; it doesn’t affect EVERYTHING I’ve done (which is why I only noticed the issue recently), but a few of the items I’ve made needed to be updated.

If you were having issues with freezing on your lots or last exception files when my mods or CC were in, this should address those issues. I also fixed the mirror tuning files that were broken in the Toddler patch on some of my sets. AND I added a few translations :)

Here’s a list of everything that was updated:

Graduation Mod:
Fixed the functional yearbook (some users were reporting issues with it), updated tuning changes for rewards, added Dutch and Chinese translations.

Harry Potter Mod:
Updated tuning changes for the sorting hat, added German translation.

Fashion Career:
Updated tuning changes for the magazine Sims write after completing the Fashion Journalist track.

Prom Mod:
Updated tuning changes for the decorative reward items.

Slumber Party Mod:
Updated tuning changes for the costume chest (reward object).

Bachelor(ette) Party Mod:
Added Polish translation.

CC Sets:
Toothbrush Overrides
Pizza Hut Stuff
Salon Stuff
Casino Stuff (also updated the mirrors)
Chimes Conversions
Get Travelling Set
Halloween 2016 Set (updated mirrors)
Hogwarts Stuff
In-N-Out Set
Katy Perry Stuff Conversions

If you have one of these mods/sets in your game, you should delete the old files and download the new ones for the fixed version.  Please note that my game is patched to the latest version ( so yours will need to be too, if you want the updated versions.

Windenburg Lighting Mod by BrntWaffles

Keep Life Simple Bathroom Set by Simcredible Designs

Silvana Hair by Birksches

Blankets by Sympxls

Bed and Neon Sign by Slox

Vampire Dress by Fuyaya

Fruits by NynaeveDesign

Hot-headed Don't Smash Dollhouses by roBurky

Candylicious Set by JenniSims

Hair for Females by Wings

Curtain Recolors by Celebi88

Guitar Rugs by RebelCreators