Monday, October 12, 2015

The Sims 4: Environment Emitters by Zerbu

Ever wanted more control over the emotional auras and environment scores of rooms without having to place specific decor? Well now you can, with the new Environment Emitter objects!

You can set emotional auras as well as the general environment score with emitters that are invisible in Live Mode.

There are three emitter levels available for each of the available emotions. Higher levels will create more powerful Moodlets.

If you use the Environment Effect Overhaul mod, it will take effect the same way it usually does.

PLEASE NOTE: Since that mod increases the threshold needed for the general Environment score to take any effect, the x1 emitter will be useless on its own. This only applies to the General emitter, not any of the others.

It should go without saying that the emitters will cause a lot to be marked as “Modded”, therefore they’re best used for gameplay rather than just building, unless you use custom content anyway in which case it doesn’t matter.

To access the Environment Emitters, you’ll need to enable the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat. When I tried to remove the objects from the debug category, it caused them to no longer be invisible.

They’re available in Lights > Misc… or you can just search for “environment” - it’s much easier that way.

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