Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rolled Up Sleeves - 5 Shirt Recolors by Simstaplease

Cozy Comfort by KatieBprod

Wedding Attire Set by Starrynitesims

Charismatic Eyebrows Non Default by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Updated - Jackets, Skirts and Dress for Females by Sandy

Eye Depth Shades by Poodsy

The Bella Pump by Sentate

Realistic Eyebrows for Males & Females by PauleanR

Chateau Colette by JarkaD

Lela Rose Dresses by Altus Sims

Non Default Eyes and Eyeliner by Kijiko

Sims 4 Simple Mod Manager by Thrahistan

This little tool changes the entries which are written in the Resource.cfg.
Normally it would load every Mod installed in the Mods folder and from every subfolder in it.

With this tool you can easily tick the Mods which you want to be loaded.
Simply tick the mods you want, klick save and you are ready to play.

No installation needed, simply extract the .exe wherever you want.

Shaved Hair for Males & Females, Lips Replacements and Eyes by ThePathOfNevermore

Clothing and Shoes for Girls by Marie

Superhero Boxers by Cookiemonsterrsims