Friday, October 31, 2014

Sims4Ti Celebrity Hair for Females

Spring Dresses for Teen - Elder Females by Kiara24

Willow Creek Starter by Ruth Kay

Simaniacos Bee Hair for Females

TS2 to TS3 Wood Floors by Deresims

Fixed Crash Problem for David Sims Hair

Thanks to CmarNYC that created a tool that may fix the crash problem for those whose have Intel chipsets and/or Windows 8 system.

I don't know if it fix 100% but if you have the problem, you can try

All hairs have been updated with a third link with fixed crash problem!

All the next content will be automatically fixed

Patterned Carpet Floors by Mustluvcatz

LumiaLover Sims Cleopatra Recolors by Brownieswifesims

Wallpaper by AdeLana

Marissa Dress by MargieSims