Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Villa Isadora by JarkaD

TS2 to TS4 - Nnnilou's Onomatopoeia Eyes as Non Defaults by Brilliantsims

Falling Crosses Earrings by Leahlillith

Updated Sims 4 Studio A Versatile Tool For Making Custom Content For Sims 4 by The Sims 4 Group

This is a new tool for making custom content for Sims 4.  Using this tool you can make your own custom accessories and you can recolor to your heart's content.  Some of the features the tools has are:

You can create your own new accessory meshes for the game and the accessory can have multiple recolor swatches in the same .package.

You can pick the item you want to replace or recolor by choosing from a thumbnail list that filters by various categories or searches by keyword:

New version

Here are the changes:

Enabled cloning of hair meshes
Fixed issue that caused hair and clothing meshes to split at the seams
Fixed issue that caused meshes to not work with weight and muscle sliders
Fixed issue where adding a swatch did not always link to the new texture
Cloning mesh/recolor now brings in the specular, normal, shadow maps when present

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Video Tutorials

Thanks Levini

Slippers for Males by The77sims3

10 Non Default Recolors of BrntWaffles 2T4 Sarhra's Eyes by Sims I Guess

12 Halter Top w/Cowl Back Recolors by The Simsperience

Clothing and Hair by Violablu

Classic Wavy Retextures and Colors by WhiteCrow

Split Lip Scars by DecayClownSims