Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sims 1 to Sims 4! Landgraab Mall by Sortyero29

Salem End Table by KiaraRawks

Updated Lighting by MXIMS

Short Shorts by AHSCC

TS3 Animal Abounds Nursery Set Conversion by EnureSims

Hydrant Lamps by BigUglyHag

Rugs by Tatschu

Ariel Dress by Kiara24

Marchioness Windows by Lunenore

Newcrest Cinema by Jenba

TS3 Animal Abounds Outdoor Set Conversion by EnureSims

Ceiling Mounted TV and Security Camera by Simista

TS3 Electric Range Cooker Conversion by NathaliaSims

Sea Salt Dress Recolors by NeutralSupply

TS3 Saddles as Bar Stools by BigUglyHag

Fridge with Stickers by Dino

Daredevil Trait by MiKin

Daredevils are recklessly daring sims. With a strong desire to expand their horizons daredevil sims want to test the limits of the mind and body.

Default Mood; Energized
Trait Type; Lifestyle
Active Traits; Active, Outgoing, Ambitious


Social: Default
Fun: Increases 5% Faster
Energy: Increases 5% Faster
Hunger: Default
Hygiene: Default
Bladder: Default

Kid's Round Rugs by Hoppel785

Hair Recolors by Lilleputtu