Sunday, November 13, 2016

Creta Living Room Set by Kardofe

Peacock Bed Frame by KiwiSims4

Nordshine Seating - City Living Add-on by Peacemaker ic

Hyperion and Rhea Skirt by Teanmoon

TS3 Christmas Decor Conversions by OwlPlumbob

Wrapped Skort by Trillyke

Table for Two Dining Set by Simista

Anshin Temple and Osaka Mall by SimsDelsWorld

- 2 -

Olive Juice Wire Patio Set by DOT

TS2 Contempo Penn Station Side Chair Conversion by Allisas

Hologram Hair by ChocolateMuffinTop

Crucifix by OM

Modern Comfort Dining & Office, Mirrors and Kitchen by PinkMuffins

Keep It Clean Crop Top and The One That I Want Jeans by Sondescent

- 2 -

Makeup, Eyes and Skins by RemusSirion

Living Room Recolors by Tatschu