Friday, August 12, 2016

Any-Surface Portable Lunch Boxes/Coolers by Sandy

Houses - No CC by NelcaRed

Fruit Punch Bowl Route Fail Fix by coolspear1

Fruit Punch Bowl Route Fail Fix

A temporary fix needed to allow sims to fill the buffet table with food if a fruit punch bowl sits on top. The genius cyclone patch 1.19 and the Dine Out GP somehow made many of the counter top appliances have a slightly larger green placement footprint.

It messed up a few things, like in my own game the cappuccino machine and coffee grinder had to be placed on the largest counter tops. I've had them sitting successfully on smaller corner counters in my sim's home since Get Together was released, but after Dine Out and 1.19, nothing but route fails if I tried to use them, till I put them on largest size kitchen counters. That was an easy fix.

But the fruit punch bowl on top of the buffet table? Not as easy a fix without a mod. Fruit punch bowl footprint again slightly bigger, but now so big it blocks the sims from filling the buffet table with food. Genius!

This temporary fix removes the footprint from the fruit punch bowl so it no longer blocks access to the buffet table. I say temporary, in the hopes Maxis fix this themselves and we can get rid of this mod. But until then, this is the fix for now.

Baby Bee Nursery Stuff by MerrySims

Superoblong Bed by Meinkatz Creations

Benson Living Room Set by Kardofe

Wallpaper by IcexLemonade

TS3 Frankie Creepers Conversion in 12 Colors by LumySims

Stove with Hood, Clothing Rack and Desk by Minc78

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Special Character Wall Decals Pack by Bakie