Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Mod! by BrittPinkieSims

This game play mod includes:
New party type: Bachelor(ette) Party
Can be thrown by male or female sims (but they must be engaged, of course)
Custom goals to complete during the party
Custom interactions which only appear during the party!
New party role: “Private Dancer” which allows you to hire a stripper of your choice for the party!
Custom buffs/moodlets associated with having a Bachelor(ette) Party
Custom rewards (conversions from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3) for completing bronze, silver or gold parties!
Custom whims for engaged Sims to throw a Bachelor(ette) Party
This mod is base game compatible and does not override anything in your game. It’s compatible with all my other event mods, and should be compatible with all other mods, too.  I created this mod with game version (City Living patch), so you’ll need to be updated to that patch to play, too.

The mod IS a script mod and does require the .ts4script file (included) for the custom interactions to show up, so make sure you have script mods enabled in your game and that you place the .ts4script file in your mods folder, no more than one subfolder deep.

Llama Inferno Makeover by Jenba

Senza Bathroom Set by 13Pumpkin31

Simulation Lag Fix by simmythesim

This mod alters the game's simulation so that sim autonomy does not cause massive simulation lag in instances where there are many autonomy requests.

This should eliminate, or at the very least, alleviate, the following problems:
sims head bobbing, sims doing nothing for a few hours, time slowing down on Speed 3, and time going back to the past.

Everything runs much more frequently now, preventing the "bobbing head" effect. I haven't experienced any time rolling-back since I made the mod!

Northern Star Hair by Cazy

TS3 Credenza Conversion by Sympxls

Stacked Chair Shelf by bau

Boxy Sweater Recolors by AveiraSims

Targaryen Necklace by SerenityCC

Rabat Lounge Set by TKAngie

Art Box Set and Simple Doormat by Roundog

2 - More

Pod Chair by Simista

CAS Backgrounds by Arch129Sims

Furniture and Decor Recolors by LoveratSims4

Louis Dining Set by Sympxls

Mickey & Minnie Toys by Faby

Within Reach Nectar Rack & Clutter by BrazenLotus

Wavy Long Hair for Boys by Kiara24

- 2 -

Basille Skirt for Girls by Fuyaya

Birch Lane Living Room Set by Lulu265

Braided Bun Hair Converted for Girls by Simsimmajay