Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Office Set 2 by Koposov

Stealthic Haunting Hair for Males

Bright and Modern Beds, Chair, Rugs and Curtains Recolors by Kitkat

All Fish Available at Fishing Spots by Shimrod101

This mod alters all of the fishing spots on all of the basegame maps such that all fish and all treasures are available at all of the fishing locations.

Dresser and Hallway Recolors by CoolPanther

TS3 Patterned Maxi Skirts by NyGirl

Cooking Supplies Recolors by SimsAlachie

No Autonomous Dollhouse Smashing by DrChillgood

This is the second little mod of mine inspired by the WTF thread. The first was "No More Selfies".

The last straw that made me want to keep these jerks from autonomously making kids cry:

It has been proven that sad kids do worse in school, and are overall really annoying to put up with. This makes it so that the jerks among us won't autonomously commit acts of dollhouse terrorism and leave children wailing and gnashing in their wake.

Side note: If you are Enraged, you should tell your Sim to smash the dollhouse. It will instantly relieve all Angry moodlets and probably save his/her life.

Windows, Doors, Beds and Tables Recolors by Oldbox

Short Wedding Dresses by SakuraPhan

Blush by Polygawn

Just Dance Animations by Umpa

Living Set 1 by Koposov

Max Thieriot by Ohmyglobsims

Clothing for Females by Missfortunesims

No Fade Ceiling Lights by FakeHousesRealAwesome

Shirts for Boys and Girls by Bettyboopjade