Sunday, March 20, 2016

TS2 / TS3 Stylist Sims Living Set 03 Conversion by Alachie & Brick Sims

TS2 Syokudou Dining Set and Clutter by Slox

Valentino Dresses by Rusty Nail

TS3 Splinter Chair and Triangle Coffee Table by 13Pumpkin31

Mattress Recolors by TheIdleSim

Lips and Nose Masks for Males and Females by Mochi029

Fireplaces, Crystal Bowls, Beehives and More by The Shed

ArtVitalex's Walken Living Room

Danielle, Lola and Jaydin Hair for Females by GarnetSims

2 - 3 - 4

Vases and Spheres by Khany

Lips and Earrings for Females by Toskami

Simple Ponytail Recolors by LittleCrisps

Reaper Trait by Demeg

Reapers.. they know when your number is up.

These sims are quite similar to their patron, Death.

Originally I wanted the grim reaper to join one of my households but when I learned he couldn't woohoo/date/kiss without losing his special effects I was heart broken. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a trait that emulates some of his behaviors.

Currently this trait applies the following effects to sims.

Immortality - Sims with this trait CANNOT die nor do they age.
Motive Freezing - Just like the actual grim reaper sims with this trait will only need to worry about their social/fun need.
Grim's Walk Cycle - Sims with this trait will hover and leave behind a black trail of smoke where ever they go.
Grim's Voice - The reaper's unique voice will be applied to sims with this trait. (I noticed that if it's your first time adding the trait to a sim their voice won't change till AFTER they leave the CAS)
Emotional Immunity - Reaper's are never sad nor can they become sad. They're the ultimate counter to gloomy sims and tragic clowns alike.

Boxes by Bildlichgesehen

Rattan Chair, Plants, Pots and More by Steffor

DarkNighTt's Isabella Shoes

Shopping Bags by Adlw Simiesk-Art

Dining Set, Lamp with Slots and More by Mathcope