Friday, January 9, 2015

Dolce & Gabbana Separates Spring 2015

Modern Sens Bedroom Set by JomSims

Stealthic Like Lust Hair for Males

Short Bangs Hair for Males by Rope

Newsea Saviour Hair for Males

Butterflysims 049 Retexture by JS Sims 4

Wallpaper and Floors by Jun

V-Neck Baseball Tees for Teen - Elder Males by Peacemaker ic

Three New Traits by Zerbu

» Excitable

Excitable Sims are easy to hype up! They are Energized by default, lose Energy more slowly and build relationships slightly faster. On the downside, their Fun needs decay more quickly and they tend to be distracted which stunts their Mental skills. They can also never be Focused! Excitable Sims can Drink Extreme Energy Juice, which can slow down Energy decay in exchange for unwanted side effects…

This will override the “Drink Energy Juice” interaction from the High Metabolism trait, by making it available for the Excitable trait along with effects that are exclusive to Sims with the Excitable trait. Sims who just have High Metabolism will not have these effects.

» Smug


Smug Sims think they’re awesome and are Confident by default. However, they build relationships and gain social skills slower, and tend to have bursts of anger.

» Closed


Closed Sims never become Sad or Inspired, and tend to perform badly at improving Creative skills.

On a positive note, these Sims are immune to the effects of low Social, as those are caused by Sad Moodlets.

TR Legend Headset by LoverettSims

Butterflysims 136 Hair for Females