Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Avalanche Hair by XLDSims

Wall Crack Addons & Floor Cracks by BrazenLotus

Psychobilly Hair, Clothing and Shoes Set by Colores Urbanos

Perky Pastels Mini Hydrangea by Snowhaze

Edwardian Toddler's Underwear & Nightwear by Historical Sims Life

Credence Hair by GrimCookies

Pregnant Aging & Death by PolarBearSims

Updated for recent patch of 2/2/17

3/14/17 Change Log:
By request:
Added: Pregnant Death Flavor
Made changes to my Vampire Tuning so there will be no conflcts. Read the packs carefully so you know which ones you want to pair up with if you choose.

Have you ever noticed how when ever a sim is pregnant they pretty much become immortal? They don't ever age like the rest of them so they can never have a birthday  I would be rather disappointed not getting to have a birthday party! Also they defy death over and over. Nothing seems to harm them.

So what does this mod do? Basically what the title says. Now your sims can celebrate that much needed birthday and have a party and have fun! Just be carefull! They are no longer immune to death and can now die in every way all the other sims can.

This mod includes pregnant vampires to die in the sun as well. However, if you do not have that pack, that will not be in your game. This does not give you vampires. You need the pack for this option to happen. Also there was one for pufferfish from City Living. That one would also be another that will not show up if you do not have that pack. All the others for hunger, elder death-if pregnant sim ages into elder and dies early from exhaustion- and anger and all of the others your sim will pass away.

Kitchen Recolors by ViikiitaStuff

Eyebrows by S-Club

Misc Decor by JenniSims

Toddler Muscle Shirt and Cropped Drop Crotch Pants by KiaraRawks

Custom Food Meats – With Ingredients 3 by Leniad

Milka Collection by JomSims

Darren Hair by Ade Darma

Kitchen Recolors by Novvvas