Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Antique White Faux Fireplace and Roxy Swivel Chair, Round Lacquer Table & Fiddle Leaf Tree (New Meshes) by Daer0n

ad*ly + Alternate

Office Furniture, Clutter and Music Decor by MXIMS

Underworlds: Eternal Night in any World by TwistedMexi

Plunge any world of your choosing (or all of them) into eternal darkness, making it ripe for the arrival of the vampiric era!

This download has a package file for each world. Open the download and copy the packages for the worlds you would like to make night 24/7.

For Forgotten Hollow, see my Eternal Night mod


 UPDATE: If you're having issues with vampires still getting scorched moodlets, please re-download. Thanks!

Curtain Recolors by UselessQuark

Flora Finale Outfit Separated by NolanSims

Fireplace by Oldbox

Wallpaper by 19Sims4Blog

Maria Gown by Laupipi

Custom Food Cereals-With and Without Ingredients by Leniad

Pooklet'd Hair by Mertiuza

Vintage Hanging Bulbs and Rose by YumiaPlace

Perfect Patio Recolors by NoodlesCC

Ariana Hair by GrimCookies

Zip It for Vamps and Jeggings Recolors by Amoebae

Siren Eyes by MagnoliaC

Hide all makeup from CAS by YuuNyuu

Made with game version

I'm back with a new hider mod ! This time, let's hide all EA makeup !

This mod lets you hide all existing EA makeup in CAS, useful if you only use custom ones.

Makeup won't be removed from the game, only hidden in CAS !
Hidden makeup is still available when randomly generating makeup.

Underwear for Boys by StandardHeld

Pond Leaves Recolored by Budgie2budgie