Monday, February 27, 2017

Perfectly Balanced Aspiration by IlkaVelle

This aspiration is perfect for any Sim aiming at healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your Sim can now reach Inner Balance through the proper nutrition, exercising and other wellness practices. Start changing the lifestyle of your Sims today!


1. Health enthusiast
* Do wellness activities
* Light Incense 5 Times
* Take Yoga Classes 3 Times
* Eat Salad 5 Times

2. Yoga Addict
* Own Yoga Mat
* Complete Yoga Routine 10 Times
* Achieve Level 4 Fitness Skill

3. Well-being Explorer
* Spend 10 Hours Jogging
* Achieve Level 10 Wellness Skill
* Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

4. Perflectly Balanced
* Meditate 10 Times
* Give Tips About Healthy Lifestyle to 15 Sims
* Give Massage 5 Times
* Complete Yoga Routine 30 Times


Reward Trait: Inner Balance: Sims with Inner Balance are never tense. This trait unlocks also 3 new interactions:

Cool down: you can now remove all moodlets of the Sim you talk to (only environment moodlets will stay, but these are gone when Sim leaves the particular environment, e.g. dirty room). This interaction is available via Friendly category.
Help to find Zen: it gives to the other Sim focused moodlet. This interaction is available via Friendly category.
Take a breath and cool down: it removes all your Sim moodlets (again, apart from environment moodlets)

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