Monday, February 27, 2017

Club Work Out No Jogging by Eurynome

Club hangouts have so much potential for interesting gameplay and socializing. However, in Maxis gameplay, the Work Out activity will actively encourage your Sims to jog in addition to other athletic actions. It can be frustrating when your fitness club (or any gathering of club Sims who happen to have the Work Out activity selected) prioritize jogging over other activities, or over each other. They end up jogging all over the map and getting distracted with strolling townies.

With that in mind, I tweaked the approved tasks for the club Work Out activity. Sims will no longer prioritize jogging during club hangouts if their club has the Work Out activity. Sims can and will still jog due to their own autonomy, traits, and mood. However, they will no longer be compelled to by the club. This mod has no effect on autonomy outside of a club hangout.

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