Sunday, December 4, 2016

TS4 Torture & Chaos "Fixed Language Display" by Dramatic-Gamer

 Mod Info

  • This is a custom tunning mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods or override any game data
  • The Book Of Chaos Contains 14 interactions that will make any sim fear messing with You!
  • There are completely new interactions like "Drown A Sim In Pee" or unlocked game interactions like "Sim Abduction"
  • This mod adds new "Buffs"
  • You can kill whoever You want whenever You want "Except for the grim reaper because that would make all dead sims stuck"
  • Your sim will enjoy killing other sims & instead of mourning or panicking while a sim on fire they will laugh maniacally
  • Available in 4 versions that will suit what packs You have installed
  • Sims will react to the events in different ways according to the situation

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