Sunday, December 4, 2016

Larger Autonomous Meal Size by edwardecl

This mod will not make any smart choices, it just forces medium meal sizes when the sim is acting on their own.

Replaces the fridge autonomous interaction XML files...
E882D22F 000000000000344C fridge_CookAutonomously
E882D22F 000000000000344E fridge_CookGourmetAutonomously

With edited XML files which replace all the used recipes with the medium size ones, also as a bonus I have added all the recipes used in expansions to the autonomy, excluding stuff likes cookies and spooky stuff because they are not a meal.

Does not include any new recipes from City Living (if applicable).

Should work in any version of The Sims in theory, the extra recipes should be ignored if you don't have the relevant stuff-pack/expansion, the base file had some of the recipes from addons just not all of them for some reason.

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