Friday, April 8, 2016

Retired Scientist Reimagined by coolspear1

A set of mods for Non-Scientists, Ex-Scientists and Retired Scientists alike to work at home, and an alternative fix for the recent broken serum/trait glitch.

1. New Trait Icon - Repairing what is now somewhat broken
With the March 2016 patch, Maxis were considerate enough to expand the serum making on the Chemistry Lab so that any sim leaving or retiring from the Scientist Career would "remember" how to make the serums, and not instantly forget as soon as they exited FutureSim Labs for the last time. A step in the right direction, after many players continually requested they do this. They created a brand new hidden trait called "Has Been Scientist" to be given to all those sims leaving or retiring from the career. And hence no longer forgetting how to make serums. Nice.

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