Friday, February 24, 2017

Improved Fast Food Career by AOM

Improved Fast Food Career for Adults (not an override) + a small improvement to the Teen Fast Food Career (override)

We wanted to create a legitimate daytime paid occupation for Sims who don't necessarily want a high-powered career and who can't or won't work long hours. It's perfect for single parents who need to be home for their kids after school and Sims who want to focus on something other than a career. For Sims who decide they would like a bit more involvement with their work, two additional full-time levels are available. Those pay more to reflect the benefits that come with full-time employment. Teens will still have the career option as EA designed it. However, when they age up, they will have the option to keep their job title if they select the adult version of the career.

What this mod will do

Adult Sims

Can select the Fast Food career track as they would any other.
Work during daytime hours Mon-Fri.
Hours grow gradually longer as they advance through the levels.
Get paid a bit more per hour for their work than the teen track pays (enough to just support a small family on their own).
Can be promoted to two levels after the original three the teen career has, each has a different uniform and requirements (see below).
Will not be rewarded for going to work in a flirty, silly, or hysterical mood.

Adult Fast Food Career: titles, pay, hours, bonuses, and promotion requirements

Level 1: Table Cleaner, $18/hr, 9am-1pm (5 hours).
Level 2: Fry Cook, $20/hr, 8am-1pm (6 hours), $325, same as the teen career.
Level 3: Food Service Cashier, $22/hr, 8am-2pm (7 hours), $375, charisma (level 2) and logic (level 2).
Level 4: Shift Supervisor, $35, 8am-3pm (8 hours), $425, charisma (level 5), logic (level 6), cooking (level 7).
Level 5: Fast Food Joint Manager, $50, 9am-4pm (8 hours), $800 + a small amount of additional paid time off.

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