Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Siren Trait: Reloaded by Aaronj3

So, I'll try my best not to ramble, but this is my first trait uploaded to MTS. I got my inspiration from MamaCallie's Siren trait. Unfortunately it has been reported to have been broken for quite a while. I wanted to simply fix it, however, I'm not the most experienced at modding.

Instead, I decided to revamp their trait, adding some new features I thought of along the way.
Sirens' needs are mainly the same, except their social need decays 1.5x faster

Skills and Relationships
Sirens gain singing skill twice as fast
Charisma and Mischief are gained about 1.5x faster
Friendly and romantic relationships are gained around 1.5x faster, and failed romantic interactions don't have as much of a penalty
Sirens have a powerful flirty moodlet by default
Kiss A Sim
Freshen up in a mirror
Depending of which version you download, your siren may also become immortal (Unable to die but can still age) and have a ghostly voice.

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