Friday, March 31, 2017

Sorcerer Trait by CardTaken

Hey, Triplis here. I've been intrigued by discussions about Sorcery in TS4 and I thought what better way to make something simple and fun than a Sorcerer Trait, with some special interactions.

It of course wasn't at all simple making the interactions I did, as modding always seems to look easier in the idea phase... but I got a few interactions working so far, and I have some deeper feature ideas I'm working on, assuming I can get them working.

 Sorcerer Trait

Picked up in the Lifestyle category in CAS. "Powers" (so far) can be used by Teen and older. Child Sims can have the trait, but it works differently for them.

Name: Sorcerer

Description: These Sims, if you're wondering for the purposes of searching out prospects for a witch hunt, definitely don't have supernatural powers and can do nothing "magical" that other Sims can't.

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