Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Healing from Anxiety and Liberated Traits by iridescentlaura

"Healing from Anxiety" trait  - Details:

 With this trait i wanted to add a positive part to this disorder, the fact that's possible to FEEL BETTER. What i meant about "healing" is accepting it and deal with it.

I won't give you all the details about this trait because i think it's nice to find out during gameplays.

This trait has the following buffs:

Four buffs that are allowed indoors and home lot; (tense, inspired, uncomfortable and sad).

One that is allowed outdoors; (Happy)

Five that works practicing the following skills:

Fitness; (Focused)

Wellness; (Energized)

Singing; (Confident)

Charisma; (Happy)

Writing. (Focused)

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