Monday, March 6, 2017

Emotional Inertia by roBurky

What it does
When your sim enters an emotion, they get a long-lasting moodlet for that emotion. This moodlet starts strong, gets weaker over time, and can be reduced faster by doing emotion-reducing interactions like giving yourself a pep talk.

This mod also includes an edited package of Zerbu's mod 'Uncomfortable Boosts Negative Emotions', which makes uncomfortable moodlets boost the score of negative emotions in the same way happy boosts the score of positive emotions.

Why would you want this?
In the base game, sims' emotions typically flip about on four hour timers like little clockwork goldfish. Nothing affects their mood for long, and once you're familiar with the game, it's not difficult to get the few points needed to change their mood when you want to.

With this mod, once something happens to put a sim in a mood, that mood will likely last at least a few hours, and even after that, it will take time and effort to put them in a different frame of mind. The aim is for this to make your sims feel a little more human, and to make managing their mood take a little more planning and be a little more challenging.

Emotional Inertia in detail
When your sim of child age or older enters an emotion other than happy or uncomfortable, they will be given a moodlet for that emotion: +2 for a positive emotion, or +3 for a negative emotion. When that moodlet’s timer runs out, it will be replaced by a weaker moodlet.

For positive emotions:
+2 ‘Still X’ - lasts 15 hours, followed by
+1 ‘Lingering X thoughts’ - lasts 20 hours

For negative emotions:
+3 ‘Still X’ - lasts 10 hours, followed by
+2 ‘Lingering X’ - lasts 10 hours, followed by
+1 ‘Lingering X thoughts’ - lasts 20 hours

After your sim enters another emotion, the inertia moodlet from the previous emotion will be removed.
The amount of points needed to enter the ‘very’ stage of an emotion has been raised to allow for these changes.

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