Monday, February 20, 2017

The Wish Master by WildWitch

The art of granting wishes has been lost to the ages now the wish masters are back.

In buy mode (decorations/clutter) there's an object called "Quill of Contacts" Have your sims you want to become wish masters ponder the quill. They will be granted a new trait called wish master, wish masters can grant sims wishes through the friendly pie menu pie selecting offer wish contract, the wishes granted will have effects on the character for example

Granting beauty wish
This wish will add a new trait to the target sim that broadcasts a flirty buff to all sims within range, this is on top of having a boost to social skills.

Now granting wishes is all very well and good but collecting payments is far better

Your wish masters will be able to extract many payments for granting wishes that will sometimes negatively effect the target sim, be warned however only one wish can be granted per sim and one payment (after three day cool down) can be collected, the payments are in the mischief pie menu.

The list of payments are as follows

Charm - you will build social skills faster and be more likely to succeed in social endeavours
Mind - you will build mental skills faster and be more likely to succeed in mental endeavours
Creativity - you will build creative skills faster and be more likely to succeed in creative endeavours
Simoleons - you will gain a randomly generated number of simoleons between 10k and 15k
Collectable - you will receive a random collectable
Life - your age will reset in your current age category
Void contract - you will receive nothing but the good will of the sim.

Enjoy collecting wish debts and granted wishes.

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  1. Can't download from Mod The Sims anymore. Can't find it anywhere else. Sadly