Sunday, January 29, 2017

Drink, drain, and turn without restrictions by PrincessVee

This is my first mod and it's very primitive and lightweight, but useful nevertheless.
What it does:
 Removes recovery period for drinking and draining life force. Your vampires can now drink from the same sim multiple times.
 Removes restrictions for turning. It doesn't matter anymore whether a sim has been drank from recently, or had his life spirit restored, now they can be turned nevertheless.

The difference between my mod and Drink All You Want by Tanja1986 is that my mod does not remove the uncomfortable "recently bitten" buff from your prey. It only removes parts of the code that test for that buff before determining whether a sim can be bitten again or not.
In other words, your pray still stays uncomfortable for 24 hours after your last feeding (EA style), but you can feed as many times as you like in a row (eg. real vampire style). Because let's be honest, we all want our prey to feel uncomfortable while we drink their delicious plasma over and over again.

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