Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Depressed Trait by saphryn

Playing "Gloomy" Sims, to me, never felt like the trait had a big enough impact on my Sims' lives. Sure, they were sad once and a while--but they moved on, and life was still a happy world for them. I wanted something that made my Sims' lives harder, more realistic; using personal experience, I've created a "Depressed" trait that, after much testing, is far more effective than its sister, "Gloomy".

The Basics
The base trait holds a hidden buff that affects many aspects of the Sim's life.
"Energy", "Fun", and "Social" will decay faster. Likewise, they will be harder to build up.
Most "Creative" skills (cooking and musical oriented) build 25% faster.
The "Fitness" skill is 20% harder to build.
Social skills, such as "Comedy" and "Charisma" are 25% and 50% harder to build respectively.
Sims are more likely to get angry, embarrassed, inspired, and sad. Contrariwise, they will be harder to make confident, energized, and playful.
Depressed Sims have a boost to careers in social media, culinary, entertainer, and painter. They will have a harder time as a critic or athlete.
Friendship and romance between Sims is harder to build. Failed interactions have a higher penalty.

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