Saturday, December 24, 2016

Borderline Personality Disorder Custom Trait by miceylulu

Hey! This mod adds the custom trait "Borderline" to your game, which severely affects your Sims emotional wellbeing and the ability to meet their needs. If you have BPD like me and you have suggestions for additions or changes to this mod, I'm happy to hear what you have to say! If you don't have BPD, then hopefully this might be a little window into how much this disorder can affect people.


Continuing with this project of mine, I decided to make this because I myself experience borderline personality disorder. I am very familiar with its devastating effects, and the severe toll it has on a person, their wellbeing, and their safety. I nearly died from the severity of this illness. That said, a trait in Sims will never fully encompass a mental illness, and so I definitely am NOT saying that this is a) the perfect representation, b) that mental illness is a "game", or c) that everyone experiences BPD the same way.

I add these kinds of things to my game because I focus on stories, and making a Sim with this would allow me to create a story where things turn out okay. If you believe this would be triggering for you, which is a definite possibility, then please do not download this mod. I wish you the best, and please stay safe. I know what it can be like. And I know that it might be upsetting to see this mod, but I do promise you I made it with good intentions, which are to educate and to share my own experience with this illness.

Everyone plays Sims for different reasons in different ways. It's okay if this is not the way you want to play, but others might.

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